Are You A Coffee Addict? Get Ready to Take the Puerh Challenge

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Love the wake-me-up aroma of coffee but hate the caffeine jitters?  We’ve all heard that green tea is a gentler, energy-boosting substitute, but sometimes you just need something a little stronger.  Though I do treat myself to an organic Bluebottle mocha as a Monday morning treat, I’ve found a wonderful alternative to coffee for the remainder of the week – Numi’s Puerh tea blends.

Puerh, which is an ancient fermented tea touted for its healing properties, contains 32 percent more antioxidants than green tea and has a richer, malty flavor that will satisfy coffee-craving taste buds.  Numi’s organic Puerh leaves come from wild-harvested tea trees that are up to 500 years old, and are fermented for 60 days (though, according to Numi, Puerh can also be compressed into bricks and aged, like fine wine, for months, years or even decades). Add in the fact that Puerh’s caffeine punch reportedly lowers cholesterol and normalizes metabolism, and you’ve got a tasty beverage that promotes overall wellbeing.

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I had the chance to sample the Chocolate Puerh at Numi’s tasting room in Oakland and the smell was intoxicating and unique.  However, for a more day-to-day tea, I ended up purchasing the organic Magnolia Puerh, which I highly recommend.  While still rich in flavor, the taste is smoother and balanced – and I can drink multiple cups a day without feeling like I’ve had too much.  An additional perk: each tea bag can be brewed up to five times.

For diehard coffee drinkers, Numi has created “The Two-Week Pu-erh Challenge.”  The gist?  Switch your daily mug of java to a cup of Puerh for two weeks and see how you feel.   I have a hunch you’ll be pleased with the results…and the absence of coffee breath.

Want to learn more about Numi? Check out my recent article on the company’s impressive sustainable and fair-trade business model.

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Local Company Numi is a Greenista’s Cup of Tea From Coffee Grounds to Mushrooms: How to Harvest Your Own

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